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Data Entry or Domain Expertise

Once you made the decision to go BPO, how do you select the right partner?

That starts with what your requirements are, and is no different than many of your every day decisions as a consumer. You get what you pay for!

Let’s consider that VoIP phone you want to put in your home office for a moment. Sure, you can go on Amazon and find a refurbished model of phone at a bargain, and so you do. How hard can it be to hook that bad boy up to a router and follow some instructions?

Well, you find out after waiting on hold with everyone involved and an entire Saturday is gone forever. The phone manufacturer blames your router, the router company only services people with maintenance contracts and tells you to go to their web site and the internet company runs for the hills the moment you mention that four letter word.

In contrast, you find someone online who sells, installs and services the same system. Heck, he will even tell you which service providers are best and for what application. Do you want a call center or just an extension? The minute he gets to your house he notices that your router is not the most compatible with the phone you selected. But no problem, he’s got one in the truck that works fine and will hook it up. Result, Saturday fishing with that important prospect or college football with the family, not frustration.

Why would this be any different with a BPO? It isn’t!

There are two types of vendors in this realm. There are manufacturers and specialists.

Manufacturers do just that with your data and processes. Sure, you get a similar level of documentation and process work, but there is a reason for it. The focus is on data entry and repeatable tasks that can be defeated by throwing bodies at it, not experience. Nothing wrong with it, by the way, and it may be your model. But it comes with limitations, and as we said before, you get what you pay for all of the time.

Cognet is a specialist! We employ many of the same practices as our large friends in the BPO business. Of course, we want to build proper process documentation and training material to ensure long-term success! However, we are also interested in applying our deep subject matter expertise to ensure that we provide you the most value add possible, not just cut your cost of data entry. We are interested in building sustainable business models that increase customer experience, shareholder value and productivity over time.

We share our industry knowledge and build custom solutions to support our clients’ business models. We provide a holistic model with a unique combination of BPO, finance and accounting outsourcing and the right information technology support. We are not a one-size-fits-all vendor of all things, but a part of your company. So let us know if you are interested in learning more at


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