CogNet places a high priority on our associates and managers as they are the core of our success. That priority is reflected in the fact our average associate tenure is 6 years and our average management tenure is 11.

We are a knowledge centric organization that is able to handle complex processes for our clients. CogNet associates are 100% university degreed, with over 40% holding advanced degrees.

We are an ISO 9001 and 27001 certified organization for process and data security. These provide the framework for our strict operational and performance guidelines, as well as the catalyst of our extensive documented process library.

Our Global Operations Center in Chennai, India operates on a 24/6 basis and allows us to provide process solutions synched with your work schedule or during your down time.

Finally, our proprietary CogNet Connect Platform manages productivity down to the minute and gives the maximum amount of visibility to our performance, and usable metrics for our client’s process costs.

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