When it comes to Benefits & HR Administration there are hundreds of tools to help you manage the dozens of different tasks that companies are required to fulfill. However, much like a house, you cannot manage it without people regardless of the tools. Whether it’s a wage garnishment, a premium to bill reconciliation, an unemployment claim, a pension or 401k plan people are always part of the task.

CogNet’s Extended Office as a Service℠ functions as the tool to complete your solution. Our people as a platform allows you to maximize output of process and technology while drastically reducing the cost of doing so. We are experts in the arena of Benefits and HR with a wide range of functions we perform. So whether you need a focused task or a full administrative answer, let us show you how CogNet’s EOaaS℠ is your most effective tool.

What We Can Do For You:

  • Verification of Enrollment Forms
  • Terminations in System of Record and Carrier Site
  • Changes in Client System
  • Carrier Site Updates
  • Deduction Management
  • Reconciliation of System or Record to Carrier Invoices
  • Reconciliation of Customer Invoices
  • 401(k) Enrollments and Changes
  • HSA and FSA Administration
  • Open Enrollment Assistance
  • Eligibility Reports and Monitoring
  • ACA Support
  • Unemployment Claim Management
  • Wage Garnishment Coordination
  • HR Reporting
  • E-Verify Screening
  • New Employee Onboarding
  • COBRA Administration

Experience & Expertise

With over 14 years experience working with Service Bureaus and Corporations around the world, CogNet has developed a deep understanding of the processes and technology involved in the Benefits and HR Administration function. Our experienced team and industry leading process management approach allows us to help organizations deliver results on time, accurate, and at a fraction of the cost of in house solutions.

Data security

CogNet is an ISO 27001 certified company. We offer enterprise grade data and physical security measures to protect your business and clients. We also are experts in melding your organizations security protocols into our process collaboration.

CogNet Connect

CogNet Connect is our proprietary platform that provides our clients full transparency of productivity and performance. Our clients have metric visibility to process output down to the minute. This allows for more accurate SLA measurement, opportunities for process improvement, and easier deadline forecasting.