What is EOaaS℠?

CogNet's Extended Office as a Service℠ is our proprietary approach to outsourcing that removes the challenges of working with remote staff. We help organizations extend their capabilities through simplified implementation, productivity performance measured to the minute, easy collaboration, and transparent pricing built around real time utilization. EoaaS℠ gives you the ability to scale freely whether you seek a broad organizational support system or a specific process you need assistance with. Let us show you what's possible when you partner with CogNet.

Our Solutions

CogNet has deep experience in our four practice areas. For over 14 years, we have been providing knowledge-based solutions that deliver significantly lower costs and a higher level of productivity and visibility in the processes we manage. Our expertise combined with our innovative CogNet Connect platform provides a collaborative outsourcing experience that helps elevate organizations capability and performance. How can we help you?

Outsourcing for Outsourcers

CogNet has been serving the PEO, ASO, HRO and HR Technology spaces since our inception. We understand the unique challenges presented by managing a multitude of clients with a broad range of expectations and demands. Let us show you how CogNet can help you become higher touch, higher margin, and higher volume.

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