Cognet CogNet provides Back office support to HR Service Providers in the areas of Employee Data Management, Payroll processing, Benefits Administration, Tax Administration, Accounts Payable and Receivable Processes and other Finance and Accounting Processes.
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    Everything to gain, nothing to lose…it’s free.

    Get your Cost of Process assessment now, CogNet has a "no commitment, try us out" program to let you see for yourself your true cost and productivity savings.

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    The day is over but your team still has paperwork piled high on their desks.

    It's your business, the volume of low value work is so overwhelming, you would like them to provide extra value to your customers or grow your business but they just don't have the time.

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    We do everything in the Cloud so physical distance is never an issue

    100% of our staff hold undergraduate degrees and 30% graduate degrees.

Get Started

Getting Started

Simply put "CogNet" will save you money and increase your “high value” productivity time with a quick “Cost of Process” review.

In just 12 minutes, we will show you, using your data how CogNet will off load your “low value” work so you can decide how to use those employees to focus on whatever your business needs are…customer satisfaction, growing your business or the bottom line.


Whether you are a payroll bureau or a one-stop shop we have a solution for you. CogNet can provide a holistic approach to transition most of a payroll process or we can help you focus on a single piece that adds the most value.

We allow you to focus on sales and customer service by taking over necessary but repetitive parts of the payroll process.


Get your Cost of Process Assessment