How does it work?


Let’s outline the process or processes you would like to outsource. We’ll discuss things like time, volume, scope, and other details of what and how you’re doing it now.

Map the Current Process

After evaluation our experts and your team get on a video conference where you perform a sample process(es) exactly as you would normally do. From that session we generate a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) document that details your process with screen shots and instructions to ensure quality. We also agree to a Statement of Work (SOW) that maps out the transition process, establishes Service Level Agreements (SLAs), defined Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), sets the price and documents how we will work on a daily basis.

Parallel Process

Parallel processing and quality review is the final step before going live. CogNet’s process experts perform your work for a period you determine in an active or passive review format. This ensures a smooth and comfortable transition to live work.

Go Live

Now that you’re live, you get the benefit of the CogNet advantage, which includes CogNet Connect, our proprietary system that gives you productivity visibility down to the minute. Transparency of spend as you pay for what you use, not idle people or assets. Monthly governance that stays on top of performance and allows for process improvement on a more active basis. And that’s on top of the quality and cost savings created by working with CogNet.