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CogNet HRO: It’s Time to Focus on Growth

Part of an adaptive business is knowing how to deal with good problems, like growth. The focus of the media and water cooler chatter revolving around the outsourcing business is fear. Fear works, and when you consider we ourselves are in the outsourcing business, you think we would understand it a little more than the average monger. So why would you believe that your business is any different than your customers?

Let’s examine the dual personalities of this dilemma:

  • We sell our clients on outsourcing HR because they can be more focused on revenue growth and customer service, not a cost of doing business. Let the experts handle that, please.
  • However, we don’t sell ourselves on our own concepts. Aren’t there tasks and processes within our business today that aren’t core to providing HR Outsourcing?

Do you really think your favorite restaurant baked that bread they put on the table? Let us offer you a slice of advice.

Outsourcer, outsource thyself!

Oh sure, you may be a control freak and honestly believe that nobody else on earth could possibly understand those freakishly difficult garnishments, but just hear us out. Now that we have established that fact, let’s dig a little deeper into the reasons why you should consider outsourcing your non-core processes.

  • Growth requires capacity. What happens when you double the size of the company because the orders start streaming in with the recovery, or you acquire a new business? Do you follow the same business model of hiring more people at Corporate and threatening the point of diminishing returns on the EBITDA line?
  • Focus of your Fab Five. We all have five or more people who really run the company, and we can name them without blinking. They are usually a hybrid of “doers” and “thinkers” who are in the trenches with our customers. Typically, as you grow they may get promoted and gradually taken away from that contact to manage internally, rather than solving problems for customers. You can avoid this inevitability, or at least the sound of it.
  • Customers don’t care about or want to pay for Cost Centers. Sure, they understand that your accounting department has to pay the bills or make that critical rent accrual, but they don’t care. They want you to be creative and as efficient as they have to be to stay in business.
  • Strength in Numbers. We know you want to finish those process maps and have your Quality Department full of “six sigma blackbelts” completely obsessed with process improvement, but who has the time. Well, the right partner whose sole purpose in life is to measure, map and improve will do that for you.

Do your clients fire people in HR the minute they hire you? Not really – the most successful ones have leveraged you to focus those team members on the things they want them to do, rather than what they have been doing.

The Best of Both Worlds is what we suggest and do every day. Let CogNet apply actual subject matter expertise in your business to solve your transactional and support requirements, and even improve them. That allows your best and brightest to provide exceptional customer service, develop new products and find savings along the way.

Sure, we can save you money instantly if it makes sense to your organization, but we are also smart enough to know that being better and more focused pays dividends quickly as well. We are about building sustainable business models, not short-term gain.

If you want to catch the fish of choice, hire a guide and let them do their job. Catch CogNet.


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