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90 days to Nirvana – No kidding!

Who would want a smart, innovative and willing resource at no charge for 90 days? Well, um, YOU!

We recently added a client by investing in their internal planning and decision making process. During the sales process we simply let them know they can have a resource from Cognet to perform market research, cross reference lead and client lists, put together a five-year strategic financial budget and Power Point presentation at no charge. It worked!

We only want clients who “get it” and use our relationship as a means of growing their company in search of operational excellence, and that isn’t for everyone. If you are truly interested in outsourcing on a global scale, let us help you by providing the resource to do the leg work and get you to a decision, either way.

We are so confident of our Cognitive and Collaborative models to manage your processes that we are offering a 90-Day Free Trial to access our global team. We want you to experience how an offshore operation can make you more efficient and allow you to focus more on sales and customers, not spreadsheets. Instead of taking that flash drive home with you send us an email and voila, it will be in your Inbox by morning and you can focus on your future.

Click here to complete our process assessment of your problem du jour, along with what you want to accomplish. Remember, we provide the HR Services industry with solutions to BPO, F&A and IT problems, so please avoid asking us to answer customer service calls or anything like that.

We will review your input and one of our ISO team will provide you the path to freedom. If chosen, we will show you how we Inspire, Innovate and Implement during those 90 days for free and hope we have the opportunity to show you what we can do for your business to be more competitive.

If you are attending the IPPA conference in August and are interested in this offer, please visit our Web site for more details. There will be a way to win an extension of this offer, but you will have to bring your “A” game. Stay tuned!


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