High Touch

By outsourcing the more transactional and/or manual components within your operation, you can allocate internal resources to high impact client support and value differentiating services. Stand out against your competitors by being able to do more for less.

High Margin

Reducing your internal process costs will naturally lead to higher overall margins. The more you let CogNet handle for you, the more you can take advantage of higher profitability, price flexibility, and internal efficiency.

High Growth

How would you like to have an organization that helps you grow in addition to helping you be more operationally efficient? Our Sales Process Practice has been helping PEOs and HROs execute marketing campaigns, prepare target data, build social network visibility, harness strategic partners, and help generate sales appointments. We even have a proprietary sales tool that can streamline the proposal process from first engagement through underwriting to quote.

Find out today how CogNet’s Extended Office as a Service can be that strategic partner you need to help your business perform its best!