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Wish you could focus your key employees on your clients?

Imagine how much revenue retention improves if you can beat medical trend because your best people worry about customers and not spreadsheets.

Now let’s take this a little further and tell you that you can do just that while also improving your bottom line.

Here are the realities of the TPA Industry. Revenue declined 3.9 percent in 2009 and clients are looking to cut cost in any way possible, including their health care. $1 of every $3 dollars you spend in your business are wages, which means you are in a labor intensive business, and to compound that your employees are a bit more skilled and their pay reflects it.

Listen to what the CEO of a TPA client of ours said about us.

“Cognet allowed me to redirect my key talent to medical cost containment, provider selection and customer service. As a result we provided our partners with negative trend results. They not only allowed us to properly place transactional tasks in their operation, we also learned a lot about process and ISO that became a part of our company we lacked before Cognet. In fact, we closed an acquisition given our ability to scale quickly and are looking forward to growth as the economic cycle improves. Cognet provides us the cost and capacity to do it.”

So what’s your next move? Go Global, but stay at your desk and we will come to you.


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