Cognet CogNet can provide a holistic approach to transition most of a payroll, Benefits, Tax, Accounting process or we can help you focus on a single piece that adds the most value.

Your Team

  • Talking to Customers
  • New Client Set Up
  • Validating Results
  • Process Tough Payrolls
  • Respond to Tax Notices
  • Make Tax Payments

Our Team

  • Process Easy Payrolls
  • Employee Set Up
  • Employee Changes
  • Terms and New Hire
  • Garnishments
  • Manage Tax Software
  • Prepare Returns
  • W2 Balancing

Necessary Tasks


  • Processing Auto Pay
  • Input Hours and run Labor Intensive
  • Payroll
  • New Hires and Employee Maintenance
  • Garnishment Management
  • Loading History for New Clients
  • Quality Assurance of Results
  • Report Generation and Distribution


  • File Federal, State and Local
  • Returns
  • Tax Deposit Preparation
  • Daily Loading of Results (e.g. Master Tax PTS)
  • Tax Notice Research
  • Prepare Amended Returns
  • W2 to Tax Package Balancing

"We began to see high growth in our PEO, not just new customers, but larger and more complex organizations. Then add a tight labor market where it became increasingly more difficult to even find experienced Payroll Professionals and we had both a good and bad problem. We already used Cognet to augment our Payroll Tax Administration staff, so the logical next step was to apply their scale and costs to our Payroll Operations. Our staff spent most of their day on the menial tasks that are required to process payroll, with little time to talk to clients or apply quality assurance to their own work. Cognet took on our less complex payroll clients, time entry, reports and many of the tasks that distract our team. We reduced our cost per payroll by over 40 percent and added additional scale to suck up the growth without hiring more people to our team but adding more to the Cognet group. The addition of a process orientated partner like Cognet allowed us to do great things and increase the valuation of our PEO." - Eric, CEO of a PEO

Case Study Facts

  • Payroll includes processing, reports, employee maintenance, direct deposits and other tasks
  • Three (3) people can handle 60 complete payrolls a month or 180 in total
  • Base for a Payroll Specialist is $40,000 or $57,600 with benefits, taxes and overhead in market
  • Growth is 35 percent in your book, so you need another person
  • Instead of hiring another person you save 66 percent with Cognet
  • You can also move your “easy” payroll to Cognet and free up existing staff to talk to Customers

Get your Cost of Process Assessment

Whether you are a payroll bureau or a one-stop shop we have a solution for you. CogNet can provide a holistic approach to transition most of a payroll process or we can help you focus on a single piece that adds the most value.

We allow you to focus on sales and customer service by taking over necessary but repetitive parts of the payroll process.

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