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Noble Governance with a Collaboration Model

By Dianna Sheppard, President, Advantec HR

Can you imagine handing over any part of your precious core business processes to another company without a clear pathway for governing the relationship between your organization and the organization performing that work? Do you believe you have some work to do inside your own walls on communicating and tracking responsibilities, accountabilities and authorities?

If you answered ‘yes’ to these questions, then you my friend, are not ready to outsource anything.

Between the man who designed and built the Titanic, the man who owned it, and the Captain who was to steer the ship, they had not determined how best to govern the ship on its maiden voyage in regards to a “worse case” scenario. The result is now known in our history, “and thus lithe the lesson,” you will avoid icebergs in the sea, and as for business you will know the most effective path forward for success, and how to assure you will achieve it.

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