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Measurement and Governance Ain’t Easy, but they Will Improve Your Bottom Line

Do you have the following things in your company today?

  • Business processes that are all documented in a central repository with training material and examples.
  • Baseline of all those processes, including number of units, processing time per unit on average, effort hours required to do the work and error rates.
  • On-going measurements of those baselines updated in real time.
  • Service level agreements within your departments or functional areas that are well-defined in writing and include the accountability or consequences of meeting them or not.
  • Company level financial and productivity objectives over a multi-year period attached to process improvement.

The answer to this question is why we are in business! We spent years in the HR Service industry in the U.S. and the answer was categorically, “Hell, no.” from our own experience, so don’t worry if you had the same reply.

It is not uncommon to lack ISO or Six Sigma process expertise in a mid-market HR Services business, nor is it something that can’t be fixed. The reality is that you are lean and mean and your day-to-day work doesn’t allow your key people to invest the time in this level of detail. So kill two birds with one stone!

That is why you hire a collaborative BPO partner like Cognet. We have already documented hundreds of HR processes that look just like yours, so we know how to get there quickly, if needed. Sure, you may run different software and have some “special sauce”, but more than likely it isn’t something we haven’t seen, done or improved upon before.

The initial shock of improving your business is based on measurement and transparency. Your company will go from a culture of unrecorded amounts and quality of work to the polar opposite. The numbers and reality will be right there on the table, well actually, on your custom customer portal, and in real time.

There are bumps along this path, but we know how to guide you. We can see the “us vs. them” mentality coming and know it all too well. The difference is that we only join with collaborative partners, and even though we have to bring some team members along from time-to-time, it is a long-term solution and search for excellence.

You can’t improve a process that isn’t documented, or worse has no historical measurements of units and errors to show what is good or bad. Once you have it, the emotions get involved and that is where good governance takes hold. We govern through those periods by making sure that we all understand that recorded errors are a good thing, they lead to process improvement. You can’t improve a process without errors, they define it.

Cognet has a wealth of “hands on” HR Services industry experience and has transitioned many processes in the last five years. We can see the bumps and cultural challenges before they happen. We inject governance as the tool to constantly monitor and improve your company’s back office to excellence. We become part of your team on many levels and strive to meet your company’s long-term goals, not just a lower cost of transaction.

If you are interested in bringing documentation, measurement and process improvement into your company without hiring another person, call us today.


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