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Maybe Santa stuffed some BPO advice in your stocking

One of our goals is to educate and improve the HR Services space as a whole. Sure, there are many prospects we talk to who really aren’t prospects, and we admire and accept it. This isn’t for everyone and if you don’t believe in the BPO Santa then we have respect for that decision.

For those that do believe, we offer you a year-end treat, which is honestly our Green Monday offer most of the year.

We also believe in making it possible to explore what BPO can do for you, so here’s how we do it:

  • Work with us on documenting a single process. We will mutually agree upon a baseline of units, cost and time invested today.
  • If the numbers and way we do business appeals to you, then do a trial with us for 90 days, which is how long we usually take to get from start to finish on a process successfully.
  • We charge you by the hour with no set-up fee, so the financial risk is minimal.
  • If the elves don’t deliver, then you gained some process expertise, and if you ripped that paper off like a dog on a bone, we are happy to work on anything you want at your pace.

Remember, Santa has helpers too, and ours are the best in process, accounting and technology you can find in the HR Services space.

Happy Holidays from Cognet!

Please use the link below or visit our web site at to view a one-minute example of exactly how BPO can save you money, make your more productive, and let you focus on sales and service.


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