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King Kong Wants your Customers

The 800-pound gorilla (they whose three letters we will not speak) continues to set the tone for your company’s survival, both up and down the mountain. This month, they announced their mobile or PDA strategy, pushing reports and data collection out to those devices that we are all addicted to anyway. What is your Android strategy for 2011?

The harsh truth of the HR Services space is that it is and keeps consolidating, and those with the resources at their disposal, will continue to mature with larger market share. Let’s face it, there are not a lot of start-up customers and magic new employees in the U.S. market right now, so that means they are coming for your existing customers one way or another.

The other fact of life is that your resources are more limited than theirs. So, you wish you did have an iPhone application, but that means choosing between other projects or investments that are more pressing.

There is an answer. It involves a simple change in your business model and playing the game on the same terms as your competition. There is nothing wrong with being a boutique player with lots of customer love, but that takes cash to ensure that your focus is sales and service without neglecting your operations needs.

What to do?

Free up some of those resources by beating them at one of their own games. Trust me, they whose acronym we do not whisper and others that may surprise you have been and are today utilizing a global workforce. Sure, maybe they aren’t running a call center out of the Philippines, but they do have non-customer-facing precision work in the best market at the best price. They also have the muscle to own it, or play with the “big boys” in fancy joint ventures.

No more excuses – change your business model and redirect your investment from benefit reconciliations, debits and credits and pushing payroll hours through the system to a customer appreciation party where you roll out that new Blackberry application to your most valued customers.

Collaborate with an industry leader who spent decades in your space, and the last ten years doing it from offshore. We have the C-Level owners to guide you, trained experts in all facets of your business, six sigma and ISO black belts and right price point to change the way you do business and level the playing field a bit.

Reallocate those costs to revenue generation and customer retention, or wait to be thrown around like a piece of Samsonite by the Gorilla.


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