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It is about the right work in the right place people!

We occasionally harp on a borrowed phrase of “matching competency with geography”.

Would you build a bright new shiny steel mill in mid-town Manhattan? Well, you could but the cost would be a bit too high, both in human and physical capital. So you ask yourself, what kind of load of crap is that example?

In this expanding and global economy it may be a bit extreme for the point, but not only would NewCo Steel not build in the Big Apple, they would outsource a lot of non value-add stuff to people who know how to do it better, faster & cheaper. Outsourcing is the first step, then deciding where to put it is the next.

If you want to be a world-class HR services organization in your mature and high cost backyard you will have to consider a collaborative relationship with a unique vendor who not only knows your business, but can deliver in a lower cost environment with greater efficiency.

That allows you to actually talk to your clients, rather than pumping out reports until you gasp for air or pay $60k for rudimentary spreadsheets that could be converted to a web application.

We at Cognet know your pain and how to help because we have been you. No, not some crazy reincarnation angle, but we are from your world and have the unique perspective of doing this more than once and offshore. Been there, still there and loving it.

You can hop a plane to Hyderabad, India and see the gazillion “ADP Now Hiring” signs and hope they quit and start raising price. Let us know how that works out for ya!

Instead of waiting for the sound of inevitability Mr. Anderson give us a try. No 28 hour flights in coach, unless you dig that, just solutions to your problems and a level to the playing field.



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