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IPPA Way Out West

We enjoyed our first encounter of the third kind near Roswell with our new friends at the IPPA Conference.

You are a great group with passion for what you do and a high interest in doing it better, and considerate of what that means to your customers and employees.

Our team is a diverse group on two sides of the world. We have been and remain in the HR Services business, both in the U.S. and India, but have several skills like most organizations.

One that I have personally resonated in presentations and casual conversations regarding building value, a skill honed from being a Finance Geek that actually enjoys valuation. Oh sure, we all believe the asset we built has limitless monetary value. However, you gotta measure everything and eventually that great discounted cash flow formula gets out of the basement for all to see. The reality is that it is never just that simple.

In the payroll business, like most transactional models, there are platforms and books of business. We all know what the going rate for books are, and honestly it a’int bad. Yet, we also know that by doing things a little bit different and being creative we might just have ourselves a platform. Platforms get more value, bottom line. Those who go outside the box a little bit have more focus on their clients, higher revenue retention, lower cost and in the end they either ride higher margins or exit value to the bank.

We are your global platform builder! You don’t have to learn international business, get on a plane or even leave your office. We did that for you already. We have been you, so we know you. We lower cost and raise productivity. Your people get to focus on client facing value add, not reports and spreadsheets. You don’t need new software or large capital investments, just move that model a little more out west, or east in our case.

We look forward to learning more from the IPPA posse, keep in touch and give us a call about the 90 day trial, it could increase your value in many ways.



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