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Insights from IPPA

The 2010 IPPA event was our first, but surely not our last!  We would like to thank those of you, and you know who you are other than kind board members, for coming by our booth in the back near the booze to talk about Cognet HRO.

Building value, minding process and being different are the themes most discussed, in the classroom and the casino.  Maybe we weren’t clear enough on how we can impact those issues quickly and effectively, so here it goes.  Cognet HRO will lower your operating costs and raise productivity.  We do your “back office” work on your system so you can focus on sales, service and adding new value to your clients.

The theme that stuck with us at this year’s meetings is similar to the other segments of the HR Services space that we support.  It is about building more value in your business, both in product and profit.  Hey, we are an ISO certified vendor so nobody enjoyed “It’s all in the Process” more than me, but the bottom line is adding services to be stickier and increase revenue and lowering cost to serve.

Building more product and delivery increases shareholder value.  We heard from both members and vendors that the need to expand product and services is critical.  If you own your technology, then that is your asset and the business you are in, but if you provide services the more the better.  So maybe you want to get into benefits administration but are wary of the cost, expertise and tools to be provided.  Why are you waiting?  You know it adds value to your clients and additional revenue.  Maybe it is the cost!  So what, you add a new product at $10 per member per month, but it cost you $8 to deliver.  Imagine if it cost $5.  Talk to Cognet, we have the expertise, tools and lower cost to get the job done and make you look good.

Differentiation is hard to come by in a commoditized product, but not impossible.  The only way to get there before the world got flat was to be bigger, make it up in volume they always say.  That game has changed my new friends.  You don’t have to completely overhaul your business, simply take those different ideas out of your head and task your best people to execute for you.  Oh yeah, they have day jobs and are way too busy to help you, so I guess that will never happen.

Here is a little secret, we can take your key employees through a 12 step program for spreadsheet dependency and give them the time to focus on new products and customers.  You have the talent in-house today to move the needle, you just need us complimenting your Operations, Finance and Technology shops underneath to lower cost and free up time to focus on being special.

Be different, expand your business at a lower cost and make your stakeholders happy!  Differentiation is building value, so if you don’t want to just sell your contracts at market to Paychex one fine day and believe in what you are doing then call us.


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