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Going Global, Made Easy

Outsourcer, outsource thyself!  The fact is that we are already in the outsourcing business, and our clients both trust and pay us to do stuff that they simply don’t want to do.  So why is this any freaking different?

Y’all asked a lot of great questions and here are a few examples with the more thought out answers.

Q: So, what the heck does Cognet HRO do?

A: “We inspire HR Service providers to go global.”  We realize that our fancy marketing speak, while pleasant, may not get the point home in a short time period.  We lower cost by doing your back office work on your system offshore.  We also guarantee that savings, as well as productivity gain and crazy amounts of measurement.  You don’t have to hop an international flight, just rent our experts.

Q: Can you get a call center up for me with a really heavy Indian accent?

A: No!  We don’t do phone calls, in fact we like Google Chat and provide you a custom client portal.  We do HR Services business process outsourcing along with some Accounting and Technology work, and only for HR Services companies, not plane reservations or technical support.

Q: If I do this, what would it cost?

A: Now that is an easy one.  We typically charge on a per seat per month basis, much like your per member per month fees to your clients.  It depends on shift (U.S. Day or Night) and skill level required, but for the most part we will be at least half of your current fully loaded labor cost.  No overtime, benefits, taxes, vacation, cubes or BS.  You can save money, create capacity or re-task your best, the choice is yours.

Q: We are really worried about what our clients may think.  How do we overcome that objection?

A: Imagine a nuclear submarine and you have it right in your mind.  We are silent, always underneath the water and ready to serve, but we maintain radio silence.  We work submerged in your service organization and you are our customer, we will leave the customer contact to you.  It is our goal to transition and improve your business processes to free up your time to be client facing.

Q: How will my employees react?

A: As we said, we have been on both sides of this fence for years now.  We are a team of U.S. and Indian based professionals and we already know the shenanigans that are on the way from both sides of the pond.  We have seen this movie, from Hollywood and Bollywood, and know how to make the popcorn.  We will train on both sides and are careful to consider culture and how it affects a collaborative model such as ours.

Q: Is the food spicy in India?

A: Yes, and watch the vegetarian dishes, they will sneak up on you in Southern India.  Also, never challenge the chef to make it “Indian Hot” unless you have a death wish.


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