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Domain Expertise with Benefits

In most organizations, you can count on one hand the employees you have that, from the first day, were different. They came in and not only did their job, but found ways to fix several problems and just keep getting promoted up the chain to fix as many problems as you can find for them. That handful runs your company, so you discuss how to get more of them in the management meeting, but the game remains the same.

Imagine if you had a collaborative outsourcing partner who acted just like that, but had a whole mess of people that fit the bill. Hello CogNet!

We have, and continue to build, a unique value proposition for our clients. Cognet is a boutique BPO servicing only the HR Services industry, where we grew up. We invest our time in not just building productivity in places you need it most, but also in growing our team members into experts in their field. There are vendors with plenty of capacity who can save you money, and that is fine for some folks. However, it is our mission to master the process to a point where we take it to another level beyond cost savings.

We are an ISO 9001:2008 shop, which most people have to look up, and we did at the start too, so don’t feel bad. What the heck does that mean? It means we are always improving processes, both yours that we manage, and our own in how we do it.

It isn’t enough just to show you how many units and at what cost we are providing them every year. It is nice, but not the goal. We strive to also show you how we changed the way we collaborate with you, and never accept sitting still as the norm. We know from years of experience that communication, culture and many other pieces of the puzzle can always be improved to impact our client success.

Many offshore BPO vendors will tell you they have a “patented system of transitioning clients and lowering cost” or some smack like that. It is easy to take Indian know-how and culture and weave it into a fixed way of doing business, but not easy to take that to the next step and get out of Six Sigma land for a moment and listen to your clients and their ever-changing needs.

Our clients’ requirements change over time, not just in the existing processes, but due to their business changing along the way. We listen and adapt, never sitting still to bore you with more of the same graphs in the next governance meeting. That’s a vendor, not a business partner.

We are listening, learning and paying attention to both your fixed and shifting business requirements. We develop new solutions when needed, and improve the existing ones with new tools and approaches when possible. We are about value-add and meeting long term business objectives, not a Service Level Agreement in a contract.

“Outcoming” is a new term in outsourcing. It is realizing that client requirements change over time, and that you must follow them and adaptively deliver what they need with unique practices and solutions.

As a result, here are a few things we know:

  • We collaboratively learn together as a team. There is no such thing as global expertise, and nobody knows your business better than you. We simply combine our hard earned domain expertise with your local knowledge and specific expertise to make a powerful combination in serving your customers. Imagine going to Scotland to play golf for the first time but not getting a caddy to guide you through the local rules and bumps. When combined, it is a powerful approach.
  • Start small! We encourage our new clients to avoid the T-Rex project first and pick some bang for your buck. Pick a localized need and solve that problem specifically, then move along the value chain with a win.
  • Desired outcome defined first! We make sure your transitions match your objectives, or tell you not to do them. If you know you want to save so much money in a defined amount of time to deliver on a budget or project, then set that goal and tie it to reality.
  • Solve end-to-end, not just labor arbitrage! We seek holistic solutions for our partners. If we can develop some in-house software and combine it with a great project plan, we do it. The processes we take on touch many parts of your company, and we like to stick to the elegant-but-simple solutions until we have the whole problem licked.

We know we have a lot of access to skills that can solve problems from many perspectives, so we use them. If CogNet is your collaborator, then we listen to you and ensure you know we have programmers, accountants, math wizards, process black belts and all kinds of talent to solve problems. Your problems constantly evolve, why shouldn’t your workforce support it?

That is the true power of combining domain expertise with broad skill sets!


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