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Disruptive Technology doesn’t have to be expensive to work!

Our team, like you or yours, worked in very large companies and saw millions thrown around into ERP, Data Mart, CRM and about a dozen other acronyms.

Sure, you can buy Siebel from our friends at Oracle to run your sales and customer service divisions for a whole lot of cash, or you can consider Sugar CRM or ZoHo with a 30-day free trial and pay by the month with no IT department following behind.

Each choice comes with a different list of good and bad, but given the price point, the differences in good vs. bad list are shrinking. You can run your General Ledger on Intacct just as well and at considerably less expense than Lawson, if you can put aside the name brand for a moment.

Disruptive technology doesn’t have to be off the shelf, it can be developed to solve a problem you have in common with your competition but owned by you. You can make your processes disruptive and lower price, increase quality and wield it against your nemesis.

Cognet is a provider that can help you disrupt when you consider the following facts:

  • Our owners and operators have been in your business and have hands-on knowledge of the problems you are trying to solve.
  • We have a presence in the largest pool of technology talent in the world.
  • That means that we can apply our understanding of your problem to develop a custom software or technology solution that makes your service model disruptive. We know there are opportunities today in your processes that don’t have an “off-the-shelf” software solution.

Make yourself a disruptive force in your space today by combining process and tools that you won’t find on Google.


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