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Best of Both Worlds: Two Worlds Await your Business

We have all heard of “The Best of Both Worlds”, but that has a whole new meaning as the world continues to revert to flatness in many ways.

Until the advent of the Internet, the thought of using the most talented people available in the world to work on a project involved getting them on a plane and, for most small to medium businesses (SMBs), that wasn’t even on the radar.

You also have to be honest with yourself and realize that the skills around the world are different, and that no one country has the best of them all within its borders. Each country’s education system, culture, regulation and natural resources lead them down different paths.

Some businesses will benefit from this, others may not. But the HR Services industry is right in the thick of things for sure.

While the big organizations were able to pioneer and set up shop in some exotic and far away locations, the SMB had little choice but to watch their competition change their business models. They increased their capacity, lowered their price and heightened focus on selling and servicing stuff to their customers.

Things are changing to even that playing field. Small to mid-sized service providers have begun to partner with vendors who have already set up shop elsewhere, overcoming the obstacles of opening their own captive operation and providing local market know-how that is a lot harder than you think.

So you have access to global talent, but are not sure how it works. There are several vendors out there now, just Google them. However, you want one that actually understands the industry from both the U.S. and offshore perspectives. Oh sure, there are a host of vendors who will tell you “yeah, we got that” but have never been in the business you are in today.

That is where CogNet is different! We started the company with a team that has literally lived in both worlds. We have been in local markets in the U.S. providing HR Services, and at the same time we navigate one of the hardest markets to do business in, with the most talent, India. We know both worlds!

First World: Our owners and managers are local. We have started up, turned around, managed, off-shored and done about everything you can do in the HR Services industry in the U.S. market. We know your pains, goals and objectives. We understand the culture of your workforce and can predict all the obstacles before they happen, and tie it to your five-year strategic plan for your investors and board of directors.

Second World: We have been on the ground in India since 2007 servicing ONLY HR Service providers in the TPA, PEO, HRO, ASO and any other acronym you can find in the space. We build domain expertise, not just data entry skills with a bunch of process maps. We have also done it for you in the 151st ranked of 180 countries in “starting a business” by The World Bank. We beat those odds by being local and experts in the India market, knowing how to operate and staff the best HRO for service bureaus ever to build collaborative business models.

Our model allows you to live in both worlds with leadership who understands how to help with your business plan and all the trimmings, coupled with offshore expertise that reaches across the world. We help you manage not only the transition of your business locally, but also build your global team to be Subject Matter Experts and not transaction jockeys.

It is also critical to note that the Second World must be the right one, not just some place with cost advantages and people. Consider the following points:

  • A “Skilled BPO Resource” in India costs 21.2 percent of the same labor in the U.S. market. Oh sure, you can pay double that in the Ukraine at 43 percent, but do they know English well and have an education system based on the skills you need to run your business, like math?
  • India produces 3 million college graduates a year whose main focus is science and technology and who speak English.
  • There are 467 million people in the workforce, more than the 309 million people who live in the U.S., and outsourcing is a focal point with more than $47 billion of business. No lack of the talent you seek here!

CogNet picked the right place to meet and exceed all of your needs, and you only have to board that 24-hour flying adventure because you want to see us, not to plop down that ten month deposit on your first office space.


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