• HR Service Providers:Technology is Not the Problem; Outsourcing is the Best Long-Term Solution
  • Have you ever bought software? You remember, there was that PowerPoint presentation that they proudly presented with the 410 percent ROI you will receive by purchasing their “game changing” technology.

  • Grow with a Vendor or an Expert?
  • There is a difference between buying a product or service that meets your needs and one that exceeds expectations.

    As consumers, we witness the difference every day but don’t always think our way through the consequences. Some of them are easy.

  • HR Service Providers: Grow or Perish
  • You deserve credit for the actions you have taken over the past 18 months to keep you company afloat. And it hasn’t been easy:

    • Processing volumes are way down
    • Long time customers are no longer in business
  • What is the “Virtual PEO”?
  • We recently attended the NAPEO conference in San Antonio and found a common theme in many of the conversations, at the booth or the bar, about being a more virtual organization.

  • Congress can’t work together but we can.
  • A collaborative approach literally involves two parties “laboring together” to achieve an outcome. Cognet attempts to not only be collaborative once a transition is complete and in production, but also in the beginning during the sales and discovery phase to ensure that the relationship will work for both parties.

  • What your business budget and the Federal Budget have in Common
  • Unless you’ve been living in a box for the past year or two, there’s no doubt you’ve been hearing a lot about the Federal budget. Political candidates across the ideological spectrum have been discussing it, the cable news shows have covered it endlessly, and your business associates and neighbors have probably expressed their opinions.

  • Virtual PEO
  • As a result of several conversations with many of you at the global booth, we are proud to introduce the launching of our “Virtual PEO” product at www.virtualpeo.com. We heard you and now we want to hear from you.

  • NAPEO Insights
  • We enjoyed exhibiting at the NAPEO Conference in San Antonio this year as an Associate Member and supporter of the industry that helped us get our start.

  • 5 Big Questions
  • The following are the five most-asked questions from the conference while we were “in our booth at the NAPEO 2010 Marketplace Conference”. We want to share them with you.

  • Permanent Reminder of a Temporary Feeling
  • Okay, I stole that from Mr. Buffett, like I do many of my good lines.

    However, it is appropriate as the dreaded budget season nears and once again the business model most people use is cut costs (heads) figure it out later. This is not a business model, it is a single period band aid.


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