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90-Day Free Success Story

We recently began offering a “90-Day Free Trial” of our services, much to the disagreement of our marketing folks in using the word “free”.  They really dislike that word, but in the end we ask them to stick to the pretty while we do the gritty.

We gained a new client in the process and want to share the story with you.  The client, who of course signed an NDA in blood, is happy and we have already signed an additional Statement of Work for another process.

“We were blown away by the attention to detail and the process of Business Process Outsourcing.” said the Chief Financial Officer.  “I really thought we had our stuff together, but when I experienced first-hand the level of detail put into documenting our processes in writing and setting baseline financial and operational metrics I was impressed.”

Cognet HRO will run you through the same wringer as all of our clients and let you be the judge.  “We are an ISO grounded organization, and hopefully we add a new level of accountability and authority to your company during the trial transition process alone, never mind full production.” said Cognet’s Chief Executive Officer Saleem Yusuff.  “We apply the same discipline and focus to our trial clients because we want them to be multi-tier clients later.  We truly feel that it is inherently the right thing to do in allowing them to experience Cognet while they buy.  Let us in and experience what it can be and we guarantee you will not only partner with Cognet, you will expand your original way of thinking into our other product sets.” said Yusuff.

Contact us to talk about our offer and what it can do for your company.  We realize how sensitive and difficult it can be to go global, and have been on both sides of that fence, so allow us to show you in a small way what a big deal it can be and you decide.


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