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5 Big Questions

The following are the five most-asked questions from the conference while we were “in our booth at the NAPEO 2010 Marketplace Conference”. We want to share them with you.

  1. Q: “How do you say “Cognet”?”
    A: First of all it is Cog (like in a wheel) and net (like in your hair). It derives from the word Cognitive, which basically means the process of thinking.
  2. Q: “What do y’all do exactly?”
    A: First, thank you for allowing me to practice my ever-changing elevator speech. So, let me try another one after all those versions. We have an offshore team that knows your business. Instead of spending 24 hours on a plane and a lot of money, we will let you borrow them. Your work will get done more efficiently, and even while you sleep if you want. You save money, we make you look good. We do your work on your system, no different than your remote employees today. Oh yeah, we are also freaks about process and guarantee not only cost savings, but increased productivity and focus on sales.
  3. Q: “Do you run a call center like that show on NBC called ‘Outsourced’?”
    A: No, never. We might do the occasional email from a generic account when it makes sense, but we learned long ago what we are good at and what you really want. We don’t have anyone named John Smith either, maybe a nickname or two like “Sam” for Sampath. By the way, he goes by Sam in India, too.
  4. Q: “How much do you know about the PEO industry?”
    A: Lots! I spent eleven years in the PEO space, and all of our owners have done their stretch at one time or another. Our core management team has been in it since 2004 and has something invaluable, domain expertise. We don’t just key in data, we know why we are doing it and if we should get on chat with your best people to ensure it gets done right. There is a difference between someone who can follow instructions and says they are “in the industry” and those that truly know.
  5. Q: “Is there any size limit to who you can help?”
    A: Not really, we have the experience and process down cold, so if you want five or fifty seats we can help. Of course there are differences in how those engagements are managed, but we will get the work done, measure it, improve it, and do what we do either way. Virtual knows no size limit!

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